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Wednesday November 1st, 2023

Princeton Ready Mix is Now Part of our Material Supply Division

BM Group of Companies is excited to announce its latest milestone – the acquisition of Princeton Ready Mix (PRM) to the Material Supply Division. With a remarkable 30-year journey, PRM started in the heart of Princeton interior and has become the leading Ready Mix company in the Similkameen region. PRM has solidified its presence by acquiring a gravel pit and evolving into a cornerstone of the concrete and gravel industry in Princeton.

“Since our inception in 1993, PRM has been serving the community. Over the years, it became the sole provider in the area as the only competitor relocated, providing PRM with opportunities for growth and influence.”

Joining the BM Group is a significant step forward for PRM, allowing us to offer even greater value to our clients while preserving their identity and legacy. Together, we are embracing a promising future where innovation meets tradition, and progress meets community.