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Wednesday April 1st, 2020

COVID-19: A Conversation with The Province

An honest conversation on the relationship between COVID-19 the socio-economical landscape

Our chairman and CEO, Balraj Mann, was invited to speak with The Province on the intersectionality of the issues surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. The most important aspect of the entire pandemic is the health and safety of each individual that makes up the BM Group and the families and communities they go home to. Which is why the entire BMG team has been working diligently in following the instructions of our Government and Health Authorities to navigate through these challenging times. However, it is no secret that the current situation being combatted around the world has had an impact on our economy, our business and the manner in which it is conducted.

So what do the recent initiatives provided by the Government of Canada mean for the BM Group?

For in-depth answers and to dive into the conversation, please click here to read the full news article and to watch the video of the interview which is also included below.

Thank you to Randy Shore and the entire PostMedia team for stopping by our office to include our perspective on a very relevant conversation.

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